Emergency Heatstroke Management Centre (EHMC) is Established by PVDP Sindh by the Partnership of Community World Service Asia at Taluka Head Quarter Hospital Nagarparkar.
In EHMC our Para Medical staff is facilitating patients who are affected by Heatstroke by providing free medicines and Immediate treatment.

My Name is Ramesh I beMr Rameshlong to Parkari Kolhi Community and live in village Mataro Sawnd. I am married and have two kids.
This is third year of drought in Thar desert and life is going bad to worse due to scarce water and livelihood means. I live with my family in village Mataro Sawnd and had no sources of earning. I had no option but to take loans for survival from local money lenders on promise to pay back when I have crops if rained this year.
Now I have a donkey with two Jerry canes which are provided to me by PVDP and CED. By this donkey I daily earn 150 to 200 Pak rupees which is enough to live with my family . I daily wakeup early morning and my wife help me to prepare the donkey for carrying and distributing water into the village. I have two jerry canes and I get 10 to 15 rupees per Jerry cane with full of water which I get from a well which is a little away from our village just beside the road. Villagers are also happy with me and my work because they are getting easily drinking water fetched by me for their Water storage tanks built by PVDP and CED through Scottish Government support. I always take care of my Donkey because this is the only way to earn for my family. So me and my family can’t forget this generous support of PVDP and CED for us. Long life PVDP. Scottish Government and CED.